Here in Ouray, it can snow and rain quite a bit depending on the season. Winter activities like enjoying the Ouray Ice Fest or going backcountry skiing can be a lot of fun. Sometimes, however, the weather may be too strong and you’ll need to stay inside. Luckily, even when the weather is bad, there are still several fun activities to do in town!


There are many different shops and restaurants that line Main Street here in Ouray. These shops offer a cozy reprieve from the cold or rain. It’s an incredibly short distance from shop to shop, making it easy to enjoy browsing through the local stores without spending too long in rough weather.

If the cold gets to be too much, you could spend some time warming up in one of Ouray’s coffee shops like Mouse’s Chocolates & Coffee or Mojo’s Coffee Chai & Teas. 

You could also enjoy some fine cuisine! Western Colorado has some delicious culinary traditions and you can sample them right here in Ouray.

Theater and Entertainment

Wright Opera House Ouray | Stay at the Ouray Chalet Inn

Located in Ridgway (a town within a few minutes’ drive of Ouray), the Sherbino Theater is a space full of community and creativity. It’s considered to be a Colorado State Landmark as of the 1990s and is home to the many creative events you can experience. Every year, there are several live music events, art classes, fundraisers, lectures, and community productions to attend. If one is taking place while you’re in town, consider finding a way to go if you can.

Ouray has a second theater as well: The Wright Opera House. It hosts multiple different musical and theatrical productions all throughout the year. There are often educational lectures and weekly films as well. The grand opening of the Wright Opera House was held on December 4, 1888, with a benefit concert and ball given by the Magnolia Band to pay for uniforms. Since then, the Wright Opera House has become a center of activities for the city of Ouray and the remainder of the County.

Hot Springs

Even though the Ouray Hot Springs are located outdoors, it’s fun to swim in the warm water while it’s snowing or raining. In fact, the springs can sometimes the busiest during the winter when it is snowing outside. Sitting in the water during snowfall or rainfall is such a fun and unique experience. The only time the pool closes due to weather is when there’s a danger of being in the water outdoors, such as when lightning is spotted.

Find out more about the commercial and natural hot springs around Ouray here.

Museums and History

Ouray has many fun museums to visit. If you’re interested in driving a short distance, the Ute Indian Museum in Montrose is only about a 45-minute drive away. The Telluride Historical Museum is another educational site just outside of Ouray.

Discover more museums to explore in the Ouray area here!

No matter the weather, Ouray Chalet Inn is the perfect place to stay while you explore our mountain town. Book a room now online or call our desk phone at 866-337-3585 and enjoy one of the best holidays of your life.