Ouray, Colorado is full of new adventures, including the ability to explore both old and current mining towns scattered throughout the entire surrounding area! Here are just a few common ones!

Old Mining Towns to Explore

The Ouray and Silverton area is full of abandoned mining towns. These are most commonly found along OHV trails, hiking trails, or biking trails. Some are also accessible in a car.

  • Camp Bird Mine: This mine was one of the most famous and profitable mines in the world.
  • Red Mountain Town: This town was the mining site for the National Bell Mine. It was once a thriving town, but multiple fires and harsh winters chased out a lot of the inhabitants. Regardless, the silver, gold, lead, copper, and zinc extracted from this mine were worth over thirty million dollars.
  • Tomboy Mine: This mine is only accessible by four-wheel drive. It is known to have extracted several million dollars in gold. You can access it by traveling up Imogene Pass road and continuing one more mile from the Smuggler. Be careful, though! This is a fairly difficult four-wheeling trail.
  • The Town of Guston: This town served three different mines in the area, all of which were highly profitable. The three mines were the Guston-Robinson, the Genesee-Vanderbilt, and the Yankee Girl. For several years, the town itself was home to the only church in the entire area.

Current Nearby Mines and Mining Companies

Along with exploring one (or many) of the mining towns of the past, there are also a great place to check out that is still up and running! It is known as the Bachelor Syracuse Mine. This mining site is actually one that offers fun and exciting tours for just about anyone! The mining tour takes you deep into Gold Mountain (1,500 feet deep, to be exact). Not only do you get a tour inside the mine, but Bachelor Syracuse Mine also gives you and your family the opportunity to pan for gold in the real stream coming right out of Gold Mountain! Complete with delicious food and a gift shop, this mine tour location is a wonderful place to explore.

Located about 5 miles southwest of the town of Ouray, the Ouray Silver Mine is another mine that is currently still in operation. This mining location specializes in extracting lead, zinc, silver, and gold!

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