If you love to explore, the ghost towns in Colorado are a great way to do it! In the Ouray and Silverton areas, abandoned towns and buildings scatter the mountainsides and each one holds its own history. Some can be reached in nothing more than a regular car, but some can only be reached with some serious four-wheel drive.

Car-Accessible Ghost Towns

Animas Forks

This mining town used to be the largest of its kind at such a high elevation. Many of the structures are still standing, but the most notable of them is Thomas Walsh’s massive bay window home. Despite the town’s popularity before the 1920’s, avalanches were the main cause of its abandonment.


Positioned near the spectacular views of the Alta Lakes, the now-abandoned mining camp of Alta still has many standing structures ready to be explored by any willing adventurer.

Red Mountain Town

Red Mountain Town, in its prime, had thousands of inhabitants and hundreds of buildings standing strong. Despite becoming a ghost town due to harsh winters, the town thrived as a mining town for many years.

Four-Wheeler Accessible Ghost Towns

Tomboy Mine

Rugged and hard to reach, Tomboy Mine had a population of 900 before it ran out of ore and its inhabitants left it. Mountain biking and advanced four-wheeling are fun ways to reach this historical mine!

Mountain Top Mine in Governor Basin

Located near Ouray and Silverton, Governor Basin has two mines: Mountain Top and Virginius. Mountain Top Mine has a boarding house that is still standing and ready to be explored.


Carson City is another of the many mountain ghost towns in Colorado, but it is also the hardest to reach. However, it’s still possible to hike, bike, or 4×4 to the location and see this old, high-altitude mining camp! There are multiple historical structures and breathtaking views. It’s hard-to-reach location and harsh winters were two of the main reasons why the town is now abandoned.

Capitol City

This ghost town was first meant to be the Colorado capitol by George Lee. The abandoned city now houses Lee’s mansion as well as multiple other structures and businesses.

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