Here in Ouray, we treasure all aspects of our history and are ready to share them with you. Dive into our mountain town’s past by exploring intriguing information about the mountains, mining, pharmaceuticals, ranches, Ute Indians, railroads, and more with our small-town museums!

Ouray County Historical Museum

Built in 1886, the Ouray County Historical Museum has 27 rooms and 3 floors full of history. The building started off as St. Joseph’s Miners’ Hospital but was converted to a museum in 1976. The museum holds tidbits of information about the Ute Indians, Ouray geology, photographs, and more.

The museum also holds fun tours and shows. The geology tour, walking tour, quilt show, and “Evenings of History” which include presentations on various historical topics are available throughout the summer.

The Ouray Alchemist Pharmaceutical Museum

This museum holds pharmaceutical history spanning over 2,000 years. The building has been recreated to reflect a frontier pharmacy of the period with specific fixtures, art, prescriptions, and remedies. The museum offers detailed tours that bring history to life.

Ouray County Ranch History Museum

In Colona, Colorado, a town that’s roughly 30 minutes from Ouray, this building showcases the history of ranching in the form of rotating exhibitions. The museum was built inside an old schoolhouse and now holds historical donations, stories, and information about Ouray’s ranching history.

Ridgway Railroad Museum

Located in Ridgway, Colorado and only a few minutes from Ouray, this museum exhibits the county’s railroading history. Inside is a restored RGS Goose No. 4, an exact replica of the 1931 RGS Motor Car No. 1, and a detailed diorama display. There are many other gauge cars on display for your enjoyment.

Ute Indian Museum

Less than an hour drive away is the Ute Indian Museum in Montrose. This museum is one of the most extensive exhibitions about the Ute Indians in the nation and includes teepees, walking paths, and many displays of Chief Ouray and his wife Chipeta.

If you’re interested in learning more about the activities and history of Ouray, come stay at the Ouray Chalet Inn. We provide as much information as possible to our guests about the hidden wonders of our small town. Book a room now and explore the multitude of museums in the Ouray area!