When here in our town, it’s hard not to stop and try one or more of our local bars or breweries. Here are a few of our favorite locations right here in Ouray.

The Ouray Brewery

Right in the heart of town, the Ouray Brewery can’t be missed. Using local ingredients, this family-owned and operated brewery and pub offers award-winning beers alongside pub-style dishes. If you want an experience with a view, the Ouray Brewery provides rooftop dining so you can enjoy the surrounding mountains while enjoying your craft beer.

Red Mountain Brewing

Also offering dining with a breathtaking view, Red Mountain Brewing has both indoor and patio options. Try one of the many options from the bar top, including house-brewed beer, cocktails, and an impressive whiskey selection. Not only does this location have drinks, but they have food as well. Dig into a burger, pasta, soup, or another signature dish over at Red Mountain Brewing!

KJ Wood Distillers

KJ Wood Distillers offers a variety of options with plenty of different beverages to choose from. Try some of their vodka, jinn, or whiskey plain or mixed into an outstanding concoction. Even better, this outstanding distillery provides the recipes to their most common drinks on their website so that you can make your own using their home-brewed spirits.

O’Brien’s Pub

This pub is the perfect place to go for Irish-American food and other pub-style cuisines. Whether you’re visiting to watch the game, for a family outing, or for happy hour, O’Brien’s Pub provides service to all.

If you can’t decide which brewery, pub, or distillery to choose, talking to an employee here at Ouray Chalet Inn can help you decide. We are committed to helping our guests have the best trip they can here at our inn. Book a room now and enjoy the best drinks of your life!