April and May are magical months in Ouray. Winter is still here with plenty of snow for skiing, snowboarding, and other cold-weather sports. But spring is on the way, with warm breezes starting to melt away the snow and reveal paths and hikes for walking and enjoying.

The beauty of these in-between months is that they are a stunning mix of winter and spring. As you ski down a snow-blanketed mountain, you might see early blossoming flowers or chirping birds in the trees. On a warm day, you could go hiking with spectacular snow-capped mountains as your backdrop.

This is the perfect time to enjoy two wonderful seasons simultaneously. Ouray is welcoming you!

Ride The Durango & Silverton Narrow Guage

April can be spectacularly sunny, making for an unforgettable experience with bright and radiant days on snow-speckled mountains. And since fewer people are traveling these days, you’ll have more space and less crowded conditions during your getaway.

Why not enjoy the beauty of spectacular, breathtaking canyons by riding the Durango & Silverton Narrow Guage? The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad winds through the remote wilderness of the two-million-acre San Juan National Forest.

Experience the adventure of traveling by a coal-fired, steam-powered locomotive on the same tracks miners, cowboys, and settlers of the Old West took over a century ago. Ride a train made up of original equipment, maintained to perfection, operated and kept up by people using skills long lost to ordinary endeavors. Relive history with the sights and sounds of yesteryear for a uniquely spectacular journey.

Please note that Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad rides are limited to weekends in April.

Hike and Walk on Trails

As snow starts to melt, lower altitude trails and hikes become available for hiking, walking, and biking. Although you will still experience some snowy days, the majority should be warm and sunny. However, be ready for mud—all that melting snow doesn’t magically disappear!

The Perimeter Trail in Ouray is a great way to experience the area and take in its four waterfalls, quaint bridges, and surrounding scenery. With only 6.5 miles of trail to hike, you can enjoy its beauty without getting exhausted.

Waterfalls start to flow again in spring, especially toward late April and early May, giving you stunning photo opportunities and Instagram-worthy moments. Ouray is surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, so you are bound to experience their invigorating energy and soothing sounds.

If you’re feeling adventurous, rent a four-wheeler and drive along breath-taking trails. Or just hop in your car and drive around exploring. The possibilities are limitless!

Please note that tours and rentals don’t start until May.

Telluride hike in Ouray, CO | Stay at the Ouray Chalet Inn

Stroll around Ouray

Ouray might be the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Colorado but there are lots of fun things to do after you’ve finished your outdoor explorations. Try sightseeing in Ouray and spending some time in the city itself. You’ll find shops, museums, coffee shops, and restaurants, all with a cozy and relaxed atmosphere that will certainly delight you. Just sitting at a café surrounded by mountain tops and enjoying the views is sheer pleasure.

For more information on the many historical buildings you can enjoy in Ouray, check out the Ouray Walking Tour published by the Ouray County Historical Society and enjoy the art of Cie Hoover hanging at The Wright Opera house until May 7th.

Wright Opera House

Speaking of, don’t miss the Wright Opera House grand re-opening on Saturday, May 28th with the Wright Summer Faire! There will be artisans from around the region selling their creations, Stillhouse Junkies will be performing live, and food and drinks will be available to purchase.

So make your plans now to come to Ouray for the long Memorial Day Weekend.

Enjoy Ouray’s Hot Springs

Ouray’s hot springs are sulfur-free and a great way to unwind. Imagine swimming and stretching your legs in healing water while surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It’s an experience you will remember and cherish for years to come. As the weather slowly warms up, springtime growth against a snowy backdrop is an amazing combination.

Box Cañon Falls

If the hot springs are not enough water for you, visit Ouray’s own natural wonder, the Box Cañon Falls. The Falls are the culmination of Canyon Creek narrowing and spilling thousands of gallons a minute of water over the falls. The narrow rock walls tower over the falls by nearly 100 feet and the 285-foot waterfall plummets into a spectacular quartzite canyon.

Spring in Ouray is Magical

Experience the exhilaration of winter softened by the gentle beauty of spring all in one place. Ouray in April and May has it all: snow, sunny skies, warmer days, and a natural surrounding brimming with beauty.

Once you’ve decided to visit Ouray, we would love to have you stay with us at our Ouray Chalet Inn. We are a family-owned-and-operated hotel that is centrally located with comfortable rooms at affordable prices. Reserve now your room of choice online or give us a call at 866-337-3585.