Due to its spectacular views and amazing natural environment, Ouray attracts visitors interested in climbing, ice climbing, skiing, trekking, trailing, riding, and swimming in the hot springs.

Because of its breathtaking beauty, Ouray is also a perfect place to paint and draw.

So, pick up your paints and brushes and head for an awe-inspiring area, brimming with painting opportunities.

Paint Life

If you like painting quaint houses and bustling rural streets, then the Downtown shops will be perfect for you. Cute cafes, bakeries, and people strolling by will give you plenty of opportunities to paint people, faces, and rural town life.

With the holiday season coming up, think of all the lights and colorful glimpses of decorations shining on the snow. 

Christmas and the festive season is an amazing moment to capture unique views of the town and surrounding area.

Paint Ghosts

Paint and draw in Ouray | Stay at the Ouray Chalet Inn


If you want to draw something challenging, head to the Syracuse mine, which was a gold mine in the 19th century. This is just one of the many mining towns around Ouray that can inspire you.

Think about a black and white painting that could capture the feel and look of the mine. Speaking of, don’t forget the Animas Forks Ghost Town for its eerie feel. Ghost towns in the middle of nature don’t exactly abound, so here is a unique chance to depict one of Colorado’s ghost towns with sprawling nature in the background.

Paint The Mountains

Paint and draw in Ouray | Stay at the Ouray Chalet Inn

If you are interested in nature painting, you will never run out of things to paint in Ouray.

The mountain ranges in the Rockies offer plenty of astonishing views, which change dramatically between the seasons. Winter snow gives the whole area a beautiful shiny glow and could inspire painters interested in winter scenery painting.

Drive along the San Juan skyway for superb mountain views and magnificent flora and fauna worth depicting on your canvas. The Bear Creek National Recreation Trail offers spectacular views and many variations of green, be it firs, heathers, or different shades of grass.  This will give you the space to experiment with various hues of green. 

Paint The Seasons

Paint and draw in Ouray | Stay at the Ouray Chalet Inn

The contrast between seasons in Ouray is very sharp. And, as they say, you can’t spell Colorado without color!

Snow in winter is followed by beautiful flowery fields in spring and bright sunny days in summer, while autumn with its auburn colors best displays nature’s beauty.

Think about doing a series of paintings depicting the same landscape over the changing seasons!

This will also give you the change to experience more of Ouray. You can reflect on the changing light by doing a series displaying a landscape’s image between morning and afternoon, night and day.

Paint The Waters

Paint and draw in Ouray | Stay at the Ouray Chalet Inn

Box Canyon Waterfall will give you plenty of opportunities to paint the water as it falls. The light coming through the canyon shimmers and creates inspiring rainbows.

Similarly, the hot springs that abound in the area are another opportunity to paint water in its many forms.

Get Inspired By Art

Paint and draw in Ouray | Stay at the Ouray Chalet Inn

Art in Ouray is everywhere around you.

If you are running out of inspiration, there are art shops and galleries in Ouray that will kick your drawing spark going.

The Ago Gallery exhibits many paintings and arts inspired by the area’s surrounding beauty. The Red Mountain Gallery offers an impressive array of paintings and drawings. The Wright Opera House displays theatrical events and performing arts. The Sherbino Theater hosts live music events, theater events, and talks.

For the artistic souls visiting Ouray, you will find plenty of opportunities to enhance your visit with art!

After a fun day painting, the Ouray Chalet Inn is here to offer a warm and comfortable place to relax. Book a room now and enjoy exploring the arts!