Driving is all fun and games until you’ve been doing it for hours on end. If you want to take a break, but also want to keep exploring, why not try an adventure via train? The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum is offering a new, fun way to explore.

The Train

If you’re staying in Ouray, Telluride, or Silverton, then the Silverton Silverlight Express is the train for you. The ride will take you from these towns to Durango without the need for an early morning drive.

One of our favorite things about this train is its vintage appearance. Passenger trains in modern day are often seen as sleek, silvery metals, but the train along the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad looks like it could be straight from Narnia with its colorful orange passenger cars and vintage locomotive.

Even better, the entire train ride will take you through the mountains, every turn blooming with gorgeous views.


Any day between May 20th and October 12th, you can jump on the Silverton Silverlight Express passenger car at either 1:45 pm or 2:30 pm and depart from Silverton, depending on which time works best in your schedule. Get there a little early, though, because seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

While in Durango, there’s sightseeing, food, and shopping available until you make your way back. When your day is done, make sure you’re back at the Durango Depot by 7:00 pm so you can jump on the Buckhorn Transportation van that will take you back to Silverton.

The entire trip will cost you regular train fares (including a small fee for historical preservation), plus $30 for each passenger using the van to get back.

Learn more about The Silverton Silverlight Express here!

After a day of exploring all the places around Ouray, you can come back to explore Ouray itself the very next day! Just make sure to book a room at the Ouray Chalet Inn!

*Header image courtesy of durangotrain.com