Colorado lacks a specific state food. However, there are several common foods and delicious traditions that the citizens of Colorado enjoy–and particularly in Western Colorado.

Food-Based Events

  • Fork Fest: The Ouray ForkFest has you traveling to a couple of different towns in the nearby area. Taste the produce of local farmers as well as dishes from the local restaurant chefs!
  • Apple Fest: Every autumn, Cedaredge, Colorado puts on an Apple Fest to celebrate the annual apple harvest. If you don’t mind the 2-hour drive, the Fest has several vendors ranging from art to food and, of course, there are endless opportunities to buy locally grown apples and delicious apple products. 

Wineries, Breweries, and Delicacies

  • Palisade and Paonia Wineries: There are several wineries all over Colorado’s Western Slope. Paonia and Palisade have quite a few notable ones. Azura is a local favorite as a location that mingles wine and art into one with its gallery. Palisade also has several wineries spread throughout the entire town. These two locations are about a 4-hour drive from Ouray, and definitely worth it.
  • Ciders: Delicious Orchards is one of the many locations that make their own ciders. Combine their ciders and other food and drink with the fun of their rope swing just outside.
  • Ouray Wineries and Breweries: Colorado is known for its craft beer and Ouray is no exception. There are over 300 breweries across the state and several of them are located right here in town!
  • Brickhouse 737: More than a local kitchen bar, Brickhouse 737 is a gathering place that focuses on farm-fresh ingredients, hospitality, and travel-inspired dishes.
  • Ouray Meat & Cheese: Ouray’s popular meat and cheese market has fresh sausage, steaks, cheese, and seafood. It also offers a fine selection of jerky, hamburger patties, ribs, pickles, flavored balsamic vinegars and syrups, spices, and more!

Specific Foods

  • Steak and Lamb: While this is a common combination found just about everywhere, Colorado is one of the top 10 locations with the largest number of cattle producers in the United States. Colorado is also the fourth-largest producer of both lamb and sheep. All this has contributed to steak and lamb being a local favorite.
  • Fish: While Colorado is landlocked, we also have lakes and rivers teeming with fish. Several local restaurants even serve trout right from their nearby fisheries. If you’d rather catch your own fish, check out the best places to fish in Ouray.
  • Corn: The town of Olathe here on the Western Slope is renowned for its sweet corn.
  • Pizza: Whether it’s Colorado Boy or Beau Jo’s, we are well known for our “mountain pie.” Just imagine thick, buttery crust surrounding layers of delicious toppings.
  • Fruit: Palisade peaches are some of the most delicious peaches you’ll ever sink your teeth into. Ever had Palisade peach ice cream? Well, you should! Apples are another well-known produce here on the Western Slope, thanks to the famous Apple Fest, and have been made into everything from pies to jams to delectable desserts.

Ouray has several restaurants that highlight Western Colorado’s common foods. If you want to try a few, book a room now and explore the best of our culinary traditions!