After a long plane ride, the last thing anyone wants to do is drive long. boring distances to their destination. Luckily, that’s not an issue when traveling to Ouray. Also known as the Switzerland of America, we have two nearby airports that are only between 1 and 1.5 hours away, both with gorgeous views for the drive.

Montrose Regional Airport

The Drive

The drive from Montrose to Ouray is filled with breathtaking mountain landscapes, vast Colorado farmlands, and winding rivers. On the drive, you’ll go through the charming towns Colona and Ridgway. Colona is a great place to stop for some donuts and coffee, where Ridgway is home to Ridgway State Park and Reservoir.

The Airport

The Montrose Regional Airport provides great information on shuttles, car rentals, and parking. The airport in Montrose also has two Horseful Brewing restaurant locations (one before and one after TSA), and one of the town’s best coffee shops inside. If you time it right, you could also be present for the annual Tribute to Aviation event, which allows locals and visitors alike to view a variety of aircraft, take part in a few booth activities, and eat good food!

You can visit the Montrose Regional Airport website here.

Telluride Regional Airport

The Drive

The curvey drive from Telluride to Ouray and back is a sight to behold. Every moment of the drive, you are greeted by vast, grassy plains and rolling hills bordered by aspens and pines. As you continue, there are views of not just the far off mountains, but also mountains that are close by, towering, and jagged.

On the trip, you’ll pass through small towns of Placerville and Ridgway. Even better, though, is your trip through the Dallas Divide. This road a gorgeous place for a drive (especially in the fall, when the colors are at their peak).

The Airport

The Airport itself is a recognized Outstanding Airport by the Colorado Pilots Association. It’s located at Deep Creek Mesa with an altitude of 9,070 feet. This provides some of the beautiful mountain views you’ll see throughout the entire region.

Their website provides a wide variety of information like maps, parking and shuttle information, news postings, and pilot information!

You can visit the Telluride Regional Airport here or keep reading for some fun activities once you are in Ouray!

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