Jeeping, four wheeling, and UTV riding are just a few of Ouray’s most popular activities for both locals and visitors. Taking a ride on these old mining trails is a great way to view the history of old mining locations and enjoy the mountains and forests that make up Ouray’s breathtaking scenery. However, before you have fun riding these trails, take a look at the laws and regulations regarding any OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) trips in Ouray.

Colorado Permitting of OHV’s

No matter where you are in Colorado, any OHV (whether that be a UTV or other off-road vehicle) must have a Colorado registration or nonresident permit. The only exception to this is when on private property. Regardless, a permit or registration should be carried at all times.

Luckily, registrations and permits are quite affordable. You can purchase one from Colorado State Parks for just over $25. Ridgway State Park is a good example because of its proximity to Ouray. It’s important to note that any motor vehicle can be ticketed by a Colorado law enforcement officer, including UTV’s and other OHV’s, so getting a $25 permit is better than a far more expensive ticket.

Other Colorado and Ouray Regulations

  • In order for two people to ride in one ATV, the ATV must have a two-person design. Two individuals in a one-person ATV may be given a ticket.
  • It’s not permitted to drive any off-highway vehicle on any City of Ouray street.
  • Riders are also not permitted to drive their OHV on State Highway 550 (Main Street). Due to this, ATV’s are unable to access certain locations from the Highway 550 access points.
  • Whether you’re riding in Ouray, Ouray County, or any neighboring counties (like Lake City in Hindsale County, Telluride and Norwood in San Miguel County, and Silverton in San Juan County), you must be a licensed driver.
  • If you are unlicensed, you must be 10 years old or older and you must also be in the presence of a licensed individual.

Alpine Loop Regulations

Alpine Loop is an incredibly long trail going from Ouray to Silverton and Lake City. There are specific regulations for this trail.

  • Operators must keep their vehicles on the trails and routes as defined in the Alpine Loop Map.
  • Make sure you’re observing all signs and barriers, as well as other access restricting features. This also includes speed limits and other signs.
  • You must have liability insurance for any unlicensed vehicle.
  • You may not drive your OHV within city limits of any surrounding cities (Silverton, Lake City, Telluride, and Ophir) if your automobile is unlicensed.
  • Any automobile must be within the sound limits as described by Colorado state law.

Now, take that OHV and enjoy Ouray’s many jeep and ATV trails!

After reading and complying with these regulations, you’re ready for your exciting OHV adventure. We are unable to accommodate UTV’s or trailers in our parking lot or side streets due to our central location, but here at the Ouray Chalet Inn, we will ensure a comfortable place to stay after an active day outdoors. Book a room now and start your adventure today!

For more information, visit the City of Ouray website.