Southern BBQ in Ouray Colorado

There is a new restaurant in town and being the responsible citizen of Ouray that I am, I had to go try it out!!
The Welded Elephant has opened up inside The Beaumont Grill and is turning Main Street into Meat Street.  Yes folks, Southern BBQ has arrived in Ouray, Colorado!!

You can enter via the Beaumont Hotel, Buckskin Books or our preferred way of walking through the patio dining area.  Walking up the steps has the look and feel of a New Orleans cafe in early spring with the added bonus of Ouray’s majestic amphitheater as the backdrop.  Inhaling deeply and you can smell the apple wood smoker doing what it does best and also filling the entire valley with the mouthwatering smell of smoked meat.









I love the inside of this place with all the wood and antique fixtures.20150424_114853






Still expecting to see Butch Cassidy or the Sundance Kid walk up to the bar and order a whiskey and a beer for their horse of course!


The staff was so friendly and very helpful and patient when it came time for us to make our decision in what we wanted to order.  We had a ton of questions and everyone one of them was answered accurately and with a smile!!  Southern hospitality at it’s finest way up here in Ouray!


Now on to the important stuff, the food!!  And you know the BBQ is awesome when they put a roll of paper towels on the table!!!



There are five main categories of meat,  Texas Brisket, Carolina Pork, Jamaican Chicken, Kansas City Ribs and Louisiana Sausage and three different sauces Carolina Tang, Cherry Chipotle (sweet and spicy and my favorite) and the legendary Louisiana Super Spicy.  Choices of sides are Southwest potato wedges, hobo stewed baked beans (simmered up with all the five meats), southern slaw (which is a medium to long cut for you slaw connoisseur) and homemade macaroni and cheese made fresh with each order and with the always amazing smoked Gouda cheese.  Today they also had sweet potato fries that dipped well in the hobo stewed baked beans.  You can also order one of their specialty dishes of  a smoked turkey leg, BBQ Southern hash or red beans and rice with sausage and chicken.

Our order today consisted of the 2 meat personal plate with Texas brisket and Carolina pork with the Carolina tang sauce and the hobo stewed baked beans, a Texas brisket Sandwich with the cherry chipolte sauce with mac and cheese and an amazing order of sweet potato fries and of course Southern Sweet Tea!!20150422_12275720150424_115259












This was an amazing experience of historic atmosphere, aromatic enticement and a true dining pleasure.

This is a must stop for everyone in or passing through Ouray, Colorado!