The Box Cañon Park is one of the most visited waterfalls in Ouray, and rightly so. The huge cascades are something you don’t want to miss, especially when you get the chance to get a close-up view from the bridge crossing beside it!

Some History

Originally just soft limestone-riddled ground, Canyon Creek has cut deep into the ground and created the narrow box canyon we see today. Thousands of gallons of water now tumble off jagged rocks and rush over 80 feet down into the river below.

The canyon is actually considered by the National Audubon Society to be an important bird sanctuary with research taking place on a species of bird called the Black Swifts. These are the biggest swifts North America has ever seen. They migrate from Brazil to our very own Box Cañon Falls every year during the summer to early fall months.

Getting There

The park itself can be entered by foot on the western end of Third Ave. The trailheads are also accessible from the same place.

The Falls Trail

This is a short, easy walk straight to the waterfalls. From here, you can enter the canyon directly and see the cascades’ magnificence with your own eyes.

High Bridge Trail

This hike is on the longer side. You will ascend about 200 feet before getting to the Amphitheater. The entire path provides gorgeous views and a nice hike if you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge!

The Native Plant Loop

This loop is longer than the trail to the waterfall, but is incredibly easy. The entire trail is scattered with plant identification markers so you can learn about the local plant life in and around Box Cañon. There are no steps along this trail. Instead, there is a slight and slow incline to reach the central attraction: the falls!

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