As the jeeping capital of the world, Ouray offers almost endless systems of trails that welcome many off-road vehicles. Be sure that your vehicle is equipped for off-roading trips and if it isn’t you can always rent a jeep in town before heading up the mountain. These adventures provide breathtaking landscapes from late spring to early fall.

Get a Guide

One of the best ways to explore Ouray is with an OHV guide. There is a lot of history and science along the trails, and what better way to experience it than with someone who knows the facts?

Guides have knowledge of not only the trail systems, but also the San Juan mountains, the various types of flora and fauna, and intriguing stories on the land and ghost towns in the area.

The Trails

If you want to explore on your own, there are several jeeping trails all around Ouray for you to choose from. Here are a few:

Owl Creek Pass

This trail was once a cattle drive trail. It’s fairly easy as you pass by thick trees and towering mountains on a nicely maintained gravel road.

Ophir Pass

Ophir Pass offers easy to moderate obstacles. Originally, it was a wagon road to reach different mines between Telluride and Silverton. Following the pass will lead you to Telluride. Going down, the trail becomes narrow with one switchback and some steeper drop-offs, but then turns into an easy road.

Imogene Pass

This is one of the more difficult drives between Ouray and Telluride. If you have past experience jeeping then Imogene Pass is worth a trip and provides beautiful displays of wildflowers during the summer.

Black Bear Pass

Black Bear Pass is not for anyone new to jeeping. The road is narrow and there are plenty of switchbacks, but it’s a great trail to take with a guide!

Jeeping trails often come to a close early October due to snowy weather, so go now or start planning for next season. Whatever your adventure, Ouray Chalet Inn will be waiting for you when you get back! Call 866-337-3585 or book a room now!