Colorado has an endless array of trails for all levels of hikers and explorers. Whether you are looking for a scenic stroll or a rewarding workout, each of these trails will leave you stunned by the beautiful views near Ouray, Colorado.

Easier Trails

Uncompahgre River Walk

This loop is relatively flat and leads hikers through flower-filled meadows surrounded by mountains. It’s short, easy, and perfect if you’re wanting a quick walk in nature.

Perimeter Trail

If you’re looking for a shorter and easier hike, the Ouray Perimeter Trail is one of the best hiking trails in Colorado. It takes you around the entirety of Ouray, Colorado and offers stunning views of the small town.


Longer Trails


Sitting at almost 6 miles round trip, this trail weaves through aspens and grassy meadows. Continuing on this trail can lead you to the Alpine Mine Overlook, which is the perfect spot for lunch before heading back down the mountain.

Bear Creek

Bear Creek trail lets you explore two mines: Grizzly Bear Mine and Yellow Jacket Mine. The first can be reached within around 2 miles of hiking, while you can get to the latter after about 4. The trails are rocky, but the views and cascades are worth the hike.


Challenging Trails

Blue Lakes

Blue Lakes trailhead is another of the best hiking trails in Colorado. It is a challenge, but both rewarding and beautiful for the entire duration of the hike. When you reach the top, you will be greeted by a gorgeous blue lake and endless wildflowers. If you feel like hiking up farther, there are more lakes at the higher elevation.

Old Horsetheif

While not as challenging as Blue Lakes, Old Horsetheif trail leads you through a few switchbacks and allows for 2.8 miles of stunning views. This trail begins right across from the Ouray Visitor’s Center.

Twin Peaks

Gain almost 3,000 feet in elevation and go up about 300 log and rock steps for breathtaking views and a whole lot of fun hiking. The majority of this Ouray trail is a steep gorge that requires caution, but the completion of the trail will leave you satisfied.