Great news for those looking to visit Ouray in the near future! The OCPHD has given the Ouray hospitality sector permission to reopen on May 15 with limited occupancy (50%) and 24 hours in-between checkouts until May 29. We should then move to 100% occupancy with no restrictions.

The Hot Springs Pool remains closed under state orders but plowing in the high country will begin next week with Yankee Boy Basin, and for as long as the weather permits it.

Please stay home if you are sick. Our cancellation policy remains 24 hours prior to your arrival for your convenience.

Plan ahead, as some services and facilities in Ouray County may be limited, including food service. You may order or pick up great food from local restaurants, although State Order still prevents you from dining in.

Bring your own face mask and hand sanitizer and use it when you’re out and about in Ouray. Many businesses in town require or strongly encourage the use of face masks.

Also, please practice Leave No Trace principles when you’re exploring the wilderness and hiking our trails.


#WaitingToCO | Stay at the Ouray Chalet InnWhile we would love to have you visit, we have been taking the pandemic very seriously. So, we support #WaitingToCO—an initiative by the Colorado Tourism Office to ask people to keep Colorado in mind for their holidays as soon as it is safe to travel. We look at this as an extra precaution for the safety of guests, our staff, and our neighbors in our small community.

If we all stay at home for a short period of time, we will all get back to our daily routine sooner rather than later.

We appreciate your understanding in this urgent time of national attention. Please know we are always here to assist you with alternative travel arrangements, recommendations, and any other questions you may have.

We are hopeful that—with everyone’s participation and community-mindfulness—this situation will be resolved sooner than later and we look forward to welcoming you back to Ouray to play in the great outdoors soon.

We wish you the best of health, safety, and wellness and are accepting reservations for the summer season. Book a room now online or call us now on 866-337-3585 for your ultimate Colorado experience!